Attractions in Węgierska Górka and nearby

Forts defending our village during the World War II – when coming to Węgierska Górka you can not forget to visit the „Wędrowiec” Shelter, one of the four forts, which houses a war museum in the memory of the first days of World War II. After a short history lesson, you can also visit the „Wyrwidąb” and „Wędrowiec” forts located in Żabnica and the „Włóczęga” and „Wąwóz” forts in Węgierska Górka.

The „Imperial Route” is a route that is commonly known as Cesar’s, built in the 12th century as a transport route linking Cracow and Vienna. On this route, which is about 2 km long there are 9 thematic tables, viewpoint and many resting places. The time taken for the transition is approximately 2.5 hours.

Nature Trail „Hospitable Forest” in the Forest District of Węgierska Górka – a perfectly adapted Science Center to give lectures and projections concerning the fauna and flora of the area. In addition to many interesting information you can also look at the exhibition of animals, which in the natural environment are more and more difficult to meet – lecture and show are free, it is needed to book the date earlier.

Historic 17th century church of St. Catherine of Alexandria – Inside the church you can admire the magnificent Baroque altars from the 17th century, the chapel of St. Francis from 1895 and the stone baptismal font from 1705.

„Forest Castle” in Milówka – a botanical garden that captures the richness of oriental vegetation. There are traces of Maya, Aztec and Inca cultures. Walking around the winding paths of the garden, it is impossible to bypass the statue of Svetovit, which was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

„Old cottage” in Milówka – undoubtedly one of the oldest examples of folk architecture in Poland. In the room is engraved construction date of the cottage – 1739. This place is perfect for bringing closer Polish traditions to young people, as well as old habits, legends and lifestyles of past generations.

The Papal Route – 42 km long, it starts in the center of Węgierska Górka on  John Paul II square. Then it goes to churches in Węgierska Górka and Cięcina and further through Hala Lipowska, Hala Boracza to the Church of the Holy Mother of Częstochowa in Żabnica. One of the last stops is the Church of the St. M.M. Kolbe in Cisiec, called „the miracle of one day”. The tour is full of great views, which once were also appreciated by Karol Wojtyła, traveling this trail.

Soła river cascade – Soła river cascade consists of three reservoirs and dams – TRESNA, PORĄBKA and CZANIEC. A half day excursion includes a cable car ride to Żar Mountain and exploring a pumped storage powerhouse inside the mountain. It is worth seeing if it is true that on some stretch of a road some objects „roll up”.

„Beskidzka Loop”– visit Koniaków – where famous lace products come from all over Poland, Istebena – where you can see the so-called „Kurne Chaty”, Wisła – together with the Beskidy Museum, the President’s Castle and the ski jumping hill, and Ustroń – with the entrance to the Czantoria mountain railway. This trip guarantees a lot of unforgettable views and wonderful experiences.