Zwardoń Ski Station

Zwardon is a village located in the Beskid Żywiecki, in the western part of it. It stretches in the mountain massif of Wielka Racza and near the  and Przysłop. Thanks to this location and the specific skiing climate, you can even chill here for up to half a year! It is here where for skiers and snowboarders is waiting Zwardoń Ski Station, which includes slopes in two locations – Little Rachowiec and Big Rachowiec. The only 860 meter cable car in the Beskid Żywiecki is equipped with comfortable four-person couches. There is also a T-bar lift available. For those who love extreme adventures, snow park is prepared. Also, the youngest will not be bored here, because the nursery „Snow Paradise” is waiting for them. The ski station Zwardoń Ski is open daily from November/December to March/April. It is equipped with modern snowmaking systems and artificial lighting, so you can ride from morning till evening. There is a richly equipped ski and snowboard rental service, you can enroll in skiing lessons or have a delicious meal in the break between the rides. A total 12 kilometers of slopes are available.

Small Rachowiec:

  • Route Red 1 – 900 metres
  • Route Blue 1a – 250 metres
  • Route Blue 1b – 300 metres
  • Route Green 4 – 200 metres Baby Lift
  • Route Black 5 – 600 metres Freeride
  • Route White 6 –  3500 metres / 3700 metres Skitours
  • Route Grey 7 – 2500 metres Cross-country skiing

Big Rachowiec:

  • Route Red 2 – 1200 metres
  • Route Blue 3a – 1600 metres
  • Route Blue 3b – 600 metres

In the winter, we invite you to try the attractions that await you at Zwardoń Ski!