Jacuzzi in Hotel Beskidian in Węgierska Górka

Relax in the jacuzzi. It’s the perfect way to rejuvenate your body after all day long hikes, or simply to spend a pleasant evening.

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For our guests we have prepared many wonderful ideas for relaxation. One of them is our relaxation zone, where you will find a modern hot tub. Thanks to it, leisure in our Hotel will certainly make you even more relaxed.

Jacuzzi is one of the most pleasant forms of massage. Nozzles placed in it will pleasantly massage your entire body with small bubbles of water – it is not only rest but also health! Among the most important advantages of water massage are: reduction of pain, especially spine and joints, reduction of muscle tone, acceleration of fat burning by blood circulation and cellulite reduction. Also, whirlpool baths are recommended for better mood and good sleep.

A visit in our relaxation area with a Jacuzzi is recommended especially for those who are long-term working in a standing or sitting position, stressed out, having problems with falling asleep, and looking for help in improving the skin’s firmness. We have a modern Jacuzzi that will surely fulfill all your expectations. During your stay in Beskidian we encourage you to visit our relaxation zone and use the jacuzzi – a relaxing way to end the day in the beautiful Beskidy Mountains!